Summer School!

This initiative has the purpose of reducing school abandonment for children,who live at countryside and developing new,vital abilities for the beneficiaries. We would like that at the end of this project, socialization, teamwork, practical skills, to be few of the things kids will learn before being integrated in society. The target groups of this project are three hundred children from countryside and forty high school students.

More specifically volunteers from the city will go the village area, plan and deliver educational and fund activities to the local children. The volunteers will acquire skills in terms of planning sessions, evaluations, various communication methods, cooking, cleaning and will learn the simple village life. A summer school means new, fun methods of learning (dancing clubs,music,art,sports and drawing), recreative activities (films, outdoor dancing and theatre plays adapted for their age).

With this initiative , we want to open all children's appetite for learning,especially for those,who do not go to school because of the parents,who make them work unappropiate jobs for their age. Another goal we want to achieve is to make parents understand,how important school is in their children's life and to encourage them to participate and attend classes.